Last Minute Info for All Attendees

Greetings all – the website with the agenda, presentations, posters, Peer Reviewer evaluation forms, roundtables, and keynote speakers, is here: All times on the website are Eastern.

Just in case, meeting links for the three day below. They also appear at the website above – but if you registered, you should also have it in your email. There is one link for each day.

Presenters, please see the screen shot far below for instructions on how to enter your name into Webex. Also, joining with the downloadable version rather than via the browser gives you greater functionality.

Please plan to sign on early, in case you have technical difficulties, especially if you are a presenter. Please mute yourselves all the time unless you are presenting. Type questions into the chat box, and a facilitator will sort and read. We want Peer Reviewers’ questions to be asked first, so Peer Reviewers, please put “PR” at the beginning of your questions. Sorry if we don’t get to everyone’s questions.

Presenters/roundtable panelists/keynote speakers — If your computer audio doesn’t work, use your phone: from the Webex screen click audio-video/switch audio/call in. My colleague Will McNamara or I will load your files and then make you the presenter, as we all practiced. You can advance slides using the tiny down arrow in the small vertical toolbar on the far left side of the slide. In a pinch, we can advance slides for you, or (especially if you have animation) you can share your own screen.

Technical presenters have 15 minutes, including Q&A. If you get to 14 minutes and show no sign of wrapping up, Will or I will interrupt briefly and let you know it’s time. If your audio is bad, we will also interrupt. Technical presenters are expected to attend a substantial part of the three-day program.

We have two roundtables and two keynote talks each day. Neither Will nor I will read the bios to introduce the speakers, but please go to the photos and bios on the website to learn more about each speaker.

If we start getting ahead, we may take a break until the next scheduled activity. A slide on the screen will say so.

Thanks everyone for participating, we hope you find the Peer Review interesting and useful. Please reply to this address with any last minute questions, although we may be pretty busy . . .

Meeting links are below.

Best wishes,

Howard Passell and the 2020 Peer Review Organizing Team


URL Meeting Number (Access Code) Meeting Password Join by Phone
Tuesday, Sept. 29, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm ET 199 413 3139 CrF2BnrvG48 +1-415-527-5035,,1994133139##
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 10:00 am – 5:45 pm ET 199 426 6861 62Z9Ufq4K84 +1-415-527-5035,,1994266861##
Thursday, Oct. 1, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm ET 199 771 5367 MtND3S2ia2F +1-415-527-5035,,1997715367##

Presenters: Below are instructions on how to change your name when you enter Webex. This will ensure that we can properly identify you when we are looking for your name in the list of participants.