There will be no formal poster session. In other words, poster authors will not have the opportunity to present the information in their posters. Peer Reviewers will have the opportunity to communicate directly with the poster authors if the Peer Reviewer wishes. Peer Reviewers and others will be able to view and/or download posters from this page.
Posters will be available September 22, and will be represented under the following thrust areas:

Industry Acceptance
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Grid Integration of Marine Renewable Energy (GIMRE), Project BESS Specification Development Jan Alam PNNL 100
An Evaluation of the Economic and Resilience Benefits of a Microgrid in Northampton, Massachusetts Dexin Wang PNNL 101
Assessment of Power-To-Gas Towards Multiple Production Pathways and Grid Applications Thiagarajan Ramachandran PNNL 102
Distribution Network Modeling for Value Driven Optimal Operation of Energy Storage Sarmad Hanif PNNL 103
Economic Impact of Partial String Failure in Multistring Energy Storage Systems Vanshika Fotedar PNNL 104
Massive Dataset Challenges and Solutions Alasdair Crawford PNNL 105
Rural Energy Storage Deployment Program (RESDP) NRECA/Lauren Khair NRECA 106
A Policy-Based Dispatch Under Uncertainty Considering Battery Degradation Xu Ma PNNL 107
Integrated Electrical and Thermal Energy Storage– Project Partner Perspective Daisy Huang U Alaska-Fairbanks 108
Helix Power: Flywheel System Heading Toward Prototype Build With Power Electronics Advancements John Bourneuf Helix Power 214
Power Electronics
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Resilient “Plug-N-Play” Storage Integrated Electricity Solutions for Off Grid Communities Deepak Divan Georgia Tech 212
Testbed Development at Southern Research Dagmar Becker Southern Research 109
Medium Voltage Energy Storage Interface Madhu Chinthavali ORNL 110
Cell-Level Distributed Power Management Satish Ranade NMSU 111
Medium-Voltage Power Electronics for Grid-Tied Energy Storage Applications Anant Agrawal Ohio State University 113
High Gain DC-DC Converter Collaborative: University of Houston Design Raja Kaushik University of Houston 115
Advanced Capacitors for Future Power Conversion Systems Bruce Gnade Southern Methodist University 116
Connecting Alaska Remote Villages Using Energy Storage Ready Medium Voltage DC Interties Mariko Shirazi University of Alaska 117
Advanced Magnetics for High Frequency Link Converters Todd Monson SNL 119
Enhancing the Capabilities of the Advanced Power Electronic Conversion Systems (APEX) Lab. Jake Mueller SNL 120
X7R Ceramic Capacitor Lifetime Under Slow AC Conditions Jon Bock SNL 121
High Gain DC-DC Converter Collaborative: The Ohio State University Design Jin Wang Ohio State Univ. 208
Equitable Regulatory Environment
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
The Nexus Between Energy Storage Ownership Models and Policy Goals Jeremy Twitchell PNNL 122
Retrofitting Solar PV With Energy Storage – An Example in North Carolina Christine Holland PNNL 123
Albuquerque Public Schools—Grid Scale ESS Demonstration Project Will McNamara SNL 211
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Insight Into the Degradation Mechanism of Li-Ion Batteries by Heat Measurement Qian Huang PNNL 124
Lead Acid Battery Module Testing for Grid Services Nimat Shamin PNNL 125
Testing Na-NiCl2 (Zebra) Battery Module for Daily Peak Shaving Applications Guosheng Li PNNL 126
Energy Storage System Standard Development Vilayanur Viswanathan PNNL 127
Achieving Energy Resiliency From Energy Storage Demonstrations C.J. Unis SNL 128
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Risk-Based Stochastic Continuous-Time Scheduling of Flexibility Reserve for Energy Storage Systems Masood Parvania Univ. of Utah 129
Models for Evaluation and Optimization of Grid-Scale Energy Storage Joydeep Mitra Michigan State University 130
Damping of Power System Oscillations via a Hybrid Optimal Control Strategy Using Battery Energy Storage Pierluigi Pisu Clemson Univ. 131
Incident Detection in Power Distribution Systems Vijay Gupta Notre Dame 132
Probabilistic Energy Storage Expansion Modeling Hisham Othman Quanta Technologies 133
EV/Hybrid Battery 2nd Life Test Protocol Development Talon Swanson King County Metro/PNNL 134
Energy Storage Benefits to Tribal Nations Ben Schenkman SNL 136
Energy Storage Benefits to San Carlos Apache Tribe Rodrigo Trevizan SNL 138
Energy Storage Benefits to Levelock Village of Alaska Rodrigo Trevizan SNL 139
Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in the State of Charge Estimation of Battery Energy Storage Systems Rodrigo Trevizan Texas Tech Univ. 140
CESA Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership Todd Olinsky-Paul Clean Energy States Alliance 213
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Long-Term Safety and Reliability of Commercial Li-Ion Cells Yuliya Preger SNL 142
Parameter Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery Models Using a Novel Tanks-In-Series Approach Venkat Subramanian U Texas-Austin 143
Electrochemical and Materials Characterization of Li-Ion Cells During Long Term Cycling Reed Wittman SNL 144
Materials Characterization of Abused Cells Loraine Torres-Castro SNL 145
Predicting Thermal Responses for Actively Cooled Designs Following Thermal Runaway Randy Shurtz SNL 147
Accelerating Rate Calorimetry of Large Format Cells Joshua Lamb SNL 148
High-Temperature Kinetics of Thermal Runaway Reactions Andrew Kurzawski SNL 150
Electrolyte Venting Dynamics During Thermal Abuse Failures Michael Hargather New Mexico Tech 151
Materials, Zinc
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Rechargeable Zn-MnO2 Battery Systems for Energy Assurance Applications Jinchao Huang UEP 152
Flexible Ion-Selective Separators for Alkaline Zinc Batteries Matt Lim SNL 153
Effect of KOH Concentration on Mn(III) Dissolution in Rechargeable Gamma-MnO2 Cathodes Sanjoy Banerjee City College of New York, CUNY 155
Functional Hydrogels With Enhanced Physiochemical Properties for Highly Energy Dense Rechargeable Zn-MnO2 Batteries Yadav Gautam UEP 156
Development of Zinc-Based Anodes for Aqueous MnO2/Zn Based Batteries Matt Fayette PNNL 157
Understanding Water-Based Binder Behavior in Manganese Based Electrodes for Aqueous Zn Batteries Hee Jung Chang PNNL 158
Manganese Oxide Cathodes for Aqueous Zinc Anode Batteries Esther Takeuchi Stony Brook University 159
Ab Initio Studies of the Cycling Mechanism of MnO2 Cathodes Modified With Bi, Cu, and Mg in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries Igor Vasiliev New Mexico State University 160
Influence of Surfaces and Structural Defects on the Electrochemical Properties of MnO2 in Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries Igor Vasiliev New Mexico State University 161
Failure Mechanisms of Zinc Anodes in Rechargeable Alkaline Cells Sanjoy Banerjee City College of New York 162
Reversible Electrochemical Control of ZnO Electronic Properties and Defect Structure in Zn Alkaline Batteries Damon Turney City College of New York 163
Molecular-Level Investigation of Concentrated Acetate Electrolytes for High-Voltage Aqueous Zinc Batteries Sanjoy Banerjee City College of New York 164
The Effects of Hydrogel Electrolytes on Rechargeable Zn-MnO2Alkaline Battery Performance Sanjoy Banerjee City College of New York 165
Investigating Electrochemical Reactions of MnO2 and Mn Ions in Acidic Electrolyte Yadav Gautam UEP 166
In Operando Synchrotron Observations of Aqueous Zn-MnO2 Materials Evolution Damon Turney CCNY 167
Advanced Manganese Oxide-Based Cathodes for Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries Xingbo Liu West Virginia 168
Bismuth Enables the Formation of Disordered Birnessite in Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries Andrea M. Bruck Northeastern U. 169
Synthesis of Birnessite With Inserted Cations and Its Application in Rechargeable Batteries Matthew A. Kim Northeastern U. 170
Polysulfone-Based Zincate-Blocking Separators for Zn-MnO2 Batteries Igor Kolesnichenko SNL 209
Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Detection of Bismuth, Copper and Zinc and Its Role in Evaluating Battery Separators David Arnot SNL 210
Materials, Sodium
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Development of Sulfide Based Solid State Electrolyte for Na-Ion Batteries Donghai Wang Penn State 171
Electrochemistry of the NaI-AlBr3 Low Temperature Molten Salt System: Implications for Sodium Battery Performance Stephen Percival SNL 172
Development of High-Performance Low-Temperature Molten Sodium Batteries Martha Gross SNL 173
Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Montmorillonite Sodium Ion Conductors Ryan C. Hill University of Kentucky 174
Advanced Na-Ion Battery: Scaling Up of Na-Ion Battery Materials and Large Cells Fred Omenya PNNL 175
Solid State Separator Development Erik Spoerke SNL 176
Materials, Flow
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Mediated Lithium Sulfur Flow Batteries Leo Small SNL 178
Accelerated Designing of Additive Materials for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Electrolytes Through Solvation Chemistry Vijayakumar Murugesan PNNL 179
Exploring the Crystallization Kinetics of Vanadium (V) Electrolyte via in Situ Raman Spectroscopy Xin Zhang PNNL 180
Elucidation of Degradation Pathways in Phenazine-Based Anolytes Aaron Hollas PNNL 181
Effect of Substitution Pattern on the Properties of Dihydroxyphenazines Isomers Aaron Hollas PNNL 182
Machine Learning Coupled Multi-Scale Modeling for Redox Flow Batteries Jie Bao PNNL 184
Advanced Membranes for Flow Batteries Cy Fujimoto SNL 185
Non-Aqueous Flow Battery Development Rangachary Mukundan LANL 187
Metal Oxide Clusters as Charge Carriers for Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries Ellen Matson University of Rochester 188
Synthesis of High Voltage Iron Bipyridines for Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Travis Anderson SNL 189
Rational Design of Multi-Electron Electrolytes Using Redox Non-Innocence Mitch Anstey Davidson College 190
Desymmetrized Hexasubstituted [3] Radialene Anions as Aqueous Organic Catholytes for Redox Flow Batteries Christopher Bejger UNC Charlotte 191
Tunable Iron(II) Bipyridine Complexes for Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Claudina Xylia Cammack SNL 192
Materials Miscellaneous
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Atomistic Simulations of Sulfone-Based Polymer Electrolytes for Alkaline Batteries Amalie Frischknecht SNL 193
Vanadium Oxide Cathodes for Beyond Li-Ion Energy Storage Esther Takeuchi Stony Brook University 194
Insights Into the Storage Mechanism of Natural Graphite in High-Voltage Aqueous Graphite || Zn Metal Dual-Ion Batteries Ismael A. Rodríguez-Pérez PNNL 195
Towards Building Optimal Electrolytes for Pb-Acid Battery Through Tunable Solvation Chemistry Vijayakumar Murugesan PNNL 196
Can a Transport Model Predict Inverse Signatures in Lithium Metal Batteries Without Modifying Kinetics Venkat Subramanian Univ. of Texas, Austin 207
Poster Presenter Organization ID#
Energy Storage and Resilience Bobby Jeffers SNL 197
Voltage Regulation in Distribution Systems Using Energy Storage Ujjwol Tamrakar SNL 198
Integrating Energy Storage Technology Selection Tool Into QuESt Alvaro Furlani Bastos SNL 199
IEEE Standard Development for Energy Storage Management Systems David Schoenwald SNL 200
Stabilizing Transient Disturbances Using Utility-Scale Energy Storage Systems Ryan Elliott SNL 201
Modeling Energy Storage Systems in Extreme Climates Walker Olis SNL 202
Battery Management System Standards David Rosewater SNL 203
Standards Mike Ropp SNL 204
Fast-Frequency Estimation and Control of Low-Inertia Microgrids Reinaldo Tonkowski South Dakota State 206