Working with Sandia

Working with Sandia

Technology Partnerships

Sandia collaborates with industry, small businesses, universities, other labs, and government agencies.

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Prospective Suppliers

Sandia is committed to purchasing quality products services to meet our mission from prospective suppliers.
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Sandia values its interactions with federal, state, and local agencies, the private sector, academic institutions, and the local community. Whether purchasing goods and services, working with our partners, or licensing technology, Sandia is committed to cultivating the highest quality relationships. We offer many business opportunities to suppliers, and are dedicated to strengthening our national, state, and local economies. We spend a large portion of our funding in the states where we are located and are committed to acquiring products and services from small and disadvantaged businesses (Director's Letter of Small Business Commitment). As businesses succeed, local economies thrive and economic benefits accrue to the taxpayer.

Sandia also seeks a wide array of mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. Our customers and collaborators include federal, state, and local agencies, private companies, and academic institutions.

We have transferred technology to the commercial sector for more than three decades, and make it possible for partners to access our world-class science, people, and infrastructure.

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Economic Impact

Economic Impact

Economic activity generated by Sandia National Laboratories helps make our community a better place.

User Facilities

Technology Deployment Centers

Many of Sandia's unique research facilities are available for use by our partners.

National Security Programs

Sandia is dedicated to purchasing products and services that adhere to high quality standards and meet the goals of our national security programs.

Diverse work with key technology partners enhances Sandia’s ability to execute our core mission and build a technology and research and development base.

Related Resources

Cyber Security User's Agreement
The user's agreement is for those seeking access to specific restricted cyber resources at Sandia.

SARAPE allows users within restricted domains (Tri-Labs, NSC, and PSAAP Universities) to request remote accounts for selected resources.

Sandia Science and Technology Park
The Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP) is a 300+ acre master-planned technology community. Affiliated with Sandia National Laboratories and adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base, companies have easy access to world-class facilities.